Different types of roofs

Types of Roofs You Didn’t Know About

Choosing the most suitable roofing style for your home shouldn’t be taken lightly. From shielding your home from external factors to boosting your asset’s value, the roof is an important part of your home.

When homeowners first think of roofs, they consider the visual effect before anything else; that’s understandable since the roof style can either add appeal to a home or downgrade its visuals. Gable and shed roofs are arguably one of the most common roof styles homeowners go for, but what they don’t know is that many other roof styles can make their residential property pop.

Continue reading to learn about these hidden gems in roof styles.

Mansard Roofs

The French know their backyard. Mansard roofs are typical French design roofs that are quite intricate to build, as opposed to gable roofs, for instance. The Louvre museum in Paris is a stunning example of a mansard roof and a staple of French architecture.

In essence, mansard roofs are designed with four sides, each featuring double slopes that can be either curved or plain flat. One of the distinct features of a mansard roof is that it’s great for maximizing the attic and allows for adding more stories, needing practically no masonry work.

Gambrel Roofs

If you’ve ever seen a red barn with a classic white trim, then you’ve seen a gambrel roof. A standard gambrel roof is designed as a twice-sloped, two-sided roof, and this particular design is perfect for transforming the upper section of the interior into either a loft or an attic space.

Homeowners that appreciate a good gambrel roof usually add a window on each side of the roof and get plenty of daylight.

Butterfly Roofs

Comparably, butterfly roofs are inverted gable roofs, and probably not many people have heard of them. As such, this roof style is an exceptionally modern and truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic specimen.

Butterfly roofs are typically installed on modern commercial buildings and residential real estate with high ceilings that are looking to add light and boost the ventilation inside the area.

Dormer Roofs

Dormer roofs can be considered an addition to existing roofs. This roof style is designed with a window and roof (flat, gabled, hipped, and so on) peaking out of the existing roof slope.

Dormer roofs are pretty functional roofs that add space (usable space) to the roof while boosting the influx of natural light.

M-Shaped Roofs

As the name suggests, M-shaped roofs resemble the letter M and are designed as double gable roofs boasting two sloped sides meeting in the middle of the roof. M-shaped roofs are perfect for installing celestial windows to add extra light into the home through the roof.

Nowadays, M-shaped roofs are typically found in multi-unit homes.

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