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Our Journey and Vision

Roofscapes NW had its roots in a journey of aspiration and dedication. Owner Jonathan Baldivino’s journey began in the bustling streets of Manila, Philippines, before finding its way to the vibrant community of Tacoma in 2012. Initially navigating odd jobs, Jonathan’s pursuit of the American Dream led him to a pivotal encounter with a respected local roofer during a chance meeting at a Burien church.

The journey unfolded as Jonathan honed his skills at Hansel Construction, where he immersed himself in foundational work, framing, and intricate carpentry projects. Experiencing the orchestrated synergy of various building components, from plumbing to electrical, deepened his understanding of structures. This insight not only shapes his roofing choices but also why they matter.

In 2014, Jonathan’s aspirations crystallized into Roofscapes NW. The legacy of retired industry veteran Fred Meyer fueled the initial momentum, particularly in the realm of flat roof surfaces that Jonathan had grown to love. Through the years, he handpicked exceptional talents to join the team, sharing in the venture’s triumphs. When he’s not orchestrating site tours and estimates, Jonathan is right alongside his crew, guiding them through each project.

In 2018, Jonathan’s journey found a lifelong companion in Melissa (Tan) Baldivino, who soon became the heartbeat of Roofscapes NW as their Office Manager. With a background encompassing diverse roles from photography to appointment coordination, Melissa’s organizational prowess fuels the office’s seamless functioning. Overseeing the calendar, invoicing, and orchestrating product deliveries, she ensures every customer’s journey is smooth from start to finish. Off the clock, Jonathan immerses himself in cherished moments with his adventurous (5) children. Golfing, fishing, and exploring the Pacific Northwest fill their days with shared excitement. 

Rooted in community engagement, Jonathan and Melissa actively participate in the local business landscape. Their involvement in Business Networking International (BNI) in Seattle, along with Jonathan’s presence in the Master Builders Association (MBA), Better Business Bureau (BBB) – underscores their commitment to nurturing connections and contributing to the growth of the local industry.


Our Story, Your Roofing Journey

At Roofscapes NW, our story is interwoven with dedication, knowledge, and community spirit. We are more than a roofing business – we’re partners in your journey towards a secure and thriving home.

Jonathan Baldivino

Jonathan and Melissa Baldvino

Jonathan and Melissa Baldivino

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