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Hearth Financing

Roofscapes NW has partnered with Hearth Financing to better serve our customers. If you aren’t able to invest in a full replacement roof right away, financing is a great option.

We’ll help you compare pre-qualified rates in less than 2 minutes and offer helpful tips to match you to the right financing. With Hearth, you can see potential financing options for your upcoming project. A loan through Hearth helps you pay for your project through predictable, monthly payments without tapping into your home equity.

1. Complete the loan request

Just answer a few questions to see available rates without affecting your credit score.

2. Review loan options

If eligible, you’ll view personalized options from multiple lending partners. You can choose which one best suits 2 your needs apply with the lending partner.

3. Get funded

If approved, you will typically get the funds in your account within 1-3 business days.

Budget Responsibility

Fixed monthly payments and no prepayment penalties.

See eligibility without hurting your credit

Pre-qualifying through Hearth doesn’t affect your credit score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hearth’s lending partners offers installments loans. These loans have fixed monthly payments terms are usually between 3 and 7 years, no home equity requirement, and no payment penalties.

After you answer a few questions, Hearth will send your information to its network lending partners. Within seconds, they will check your eligibility and show you available options. Seeing rates does not affect your credit score. You can then submit a loan application with your chosen lending partner, which will affect your credit report just like any loan application.

Installment loads have interest rates to enable quick funding and predictable payments. Hearth’s lending partners consider factors such as income, FICO score, credit history, outstanding debt, and then loan amount requested when determining these rates.

Hearth has 3 rates plans that let you know what to expect when you request rates. You’ll likely see options with APRs in the ranges listed below, but may receive options with lower or higher APRs.


Credit PlanPre-qualification rate*Est. APR Range**Loan AmountLearn Term***Lending Partners
700-850 FICO
90%4.99%-16.30%$1,000-$100,0002-10 years13
700-850 FICO
70%13.00%-26.87%$1,000-$100,0002-7 years11
700-850 FICO
39%19.95%-30.61%$1,000-$50,0002-5 years5

* For each self-reported credit score range, per-qualification rate is calculated by dividing the number of pre-qualified Heaths users by the total number of users who submitted a loan request.

** For pre-qualilfied Hearth users with this credit score range, our lending partners returned loan options with this range of minimum APRs for the 65% of pre-qualified users with miniumum APRs between the 10th and 75 percentiles.

*** For example, a loan in the amount of $10,000 for a term of 5 years with an APR of 6.00% would be repaid over 60 monthly payments in the amount of $193.33.

Hearth is a technology company, which is licensed as a broker as may be required by state law. Hearth does not accept applications for credit, does not make loans, and does not make credit decisions. Hearths works with various lending partners to show customers available financing options; all loans are subject to credit approval.


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